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    three flavours cornetto trilogy

    Each film in the trilogy is connected to a Cornetto ice cream, with a Cornetto of the appropriate flavour appearing in each film. Shaun of the Dead features a strawberry-flavoured Cornetto, which signifies the film’s bloody and gory elements, Hot Fuzz includes the blue original Cornetto, to signify the police element to the film, and The World’s End features the green mint chocolate chip flavour in a nod to aliens and science fiction. While the first two films include appearances of the ice cream itself, the last incorporates only the appearance of the wrapper.

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    "The idea behind the glove was a practical one on Wes Craven’s part, as he wanted to give the character a unique weapon, but also something that could be made cheaply and wouldn’t be difficult to use or transport. At the time, he was studying primal fears embedded in the subconscious of people of all cultures and discovered that one of those fears is attack by animal claws. Around the same time, he saw his cat unsheathe its claws, and the two concepts merged."

    A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

  3. a-piss-poor-captain replied to your post:I’m really worried in case Batman v Superman…

    Stick to your guns. Even if you love it, tell them you hated it, or you could tell them that you like it ‘ironically’.

    Thank you, I will do! Although, now, there is always the issue that, when it is inevitably shit, and I say that I hate it, people might think that it’s a cover-up. Damn!

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    I’m really worried in case Batman v Superman actually ends up being good.
    Because, based on Man of Steel, I’ve been telling people that it’ll be monumentally shit.
    If it does turn out good, I’ll have to eat humble pie, and I won’t like it.

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    Rik Mayall’s Inspirational Guide on How to be Happy in Life [x

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    We’ll meet again,

    Don’t know where, don’t know when

    But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

    Keep smiling through,

    Just like you always do,

    'Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away

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    akahades replied to your post:akahades replied to your photo:Getting up to…

    I’ll definitely look it up. Sounds fun!

    Please do, it’ll be great :) We have a guild page and a twitter which you can check out :)

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